Immigration Business Plans & Market Research

We are pleased to announce a new partnership where ConsultingTO builds and creates business plans, market research, and feasibility studies for LAfirstep and its clients.

"Through the collaboration with ConsultingTO, we are now able to provide our clients with comprehensive business plans, market research and feasibility studies to support them in the process of opening a new business in the United States. This partnership completes our full range of collaborations to support our clients in all the steps towards their US dream." states Ms. Cipollina - CEO of LAfirstep LLC "Our clients will have now all the elements to make thoughtful decisions with insights and information regarding location, target market(s), competitors, price strategies and financial forecasts. ConsultingTO specialists will work side by side with them (and us) to draft very comprehensive business plans and market research."

LAfirstep, based in California, supports European entrepreneurs willing to start a business in the US providing them with a full range of services. LAfirstep is a really efficient bridge between the USA and Europe, providing an excellent 360° package of services that span from Event Planning to Business Start-Up, from Line Producing internationally awarded Film & TV productions to Marketing and Communication Campaigns.

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, LAfirstep knows how an effective business plan is important when opening a new business in the United States. This is where ConsultingTO works in collaboration offering its business plan and market research services, a key part of the process.

ConsultingTO is honoured and thrilled to partner with LAfirstep LLC and support its clients in the journey to establish their business in the United States. We specialize in taking some of the key components of writing an effective business plan and running in-depth market research off your plate.

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